Friends Projects and Aims

An area to see the projects that Friends have planned and completed.

Benches for Student Areas

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As part of a plan to provide more usable space for students at lunch and break times, the school is investigating the use for a type of recycled plastic benching. This would be to complement the picnic tables that are used in the quad and around the school.

The school has purchased a trial bench, to assess the durability and practicality of the project, but this is something that Friends hope to support in the near future.

Fitness Equiptment

School Based Defibrillator

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The first project that the Friends wanted to be part of was brought to us by the school dance teacher, Mrs Wills. She had planned for this years 'Rock Challenge' dance piece to be set around all of the pressures and stresses on her heart. Students from Year 7 to Year 13 auditioned for the opportunity to participate in a performing role.

The Rock Challenge performing arts competition tours nationally, providing an opportunity for schools to showcase an eight minute original performance. Local Dorset schools took part in the regional heat at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre on Tuesday 1st March, with Highcliffe achieving seven awards.

Competition Level Chess Sets

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With significant donation from the local Round Table the Highcliffe School Chess Club has been given 8 new 'competition standard' chess sets, as well as the counterpart clocks, so that we are now able to host competitions for the schools in the local area.

Before this had happened the chess club had only been able to experience a real competitive environment when they had attended the actual competitions at the other schools.