Pupil Premium

And Literacy/Numeracy Catchup Funding

    The GCSE results in summer 2018 reflected our best ever results as a school and a massive improvement in the outcomes for our Pupil Premium (PP) students over the last few years.


    What is Pupil Premium?

    Approximately 17% of our students are Pupil Premium.  The school receives extra funding to support Pupil Premium students with their education. 

    This can be because they are:

    ·         Free School Meals (FSM) currently or in the last 6 years

    ·         Looked After Children (LAC)

    ·         Children of service families currently or in the last 5 years


    Highcliffe School’s ethos is to use the funding to:

    ·         Use the funding to narrow the gaps between the achievement of these students and their peers

    ·         To encourage social mobility, aspiration and progression towards post-16 education, training and work

    ·         To address, where possible, underlying inequalities between Pupil Premium students and their peers


    At the moment we have support in place for Pupil Premium students including:

    ·         Year 11 Mentoring in Maths from 6th Form students

    ·         Year 7 Reading Buddies scheme supported by 6Th Form students

    ·         Uniform grants

    ·         A Literacy Catch Up programme run by the Teaching Assistants

    ·         Financial support to aid trips, music tuition and resources such as revision materials

    ·         Special projects

    All of the above plus dedicated and identified staffing is designed to enable the school to support students in striving to meet our three key ethos statements and their own full potential.


    Current documents:

    Strategy doc 2018-19

    Strategy doc review 17/18


    Archived documents:

    Strategy doc 17-18

    Strategy doc review 16-17

    Strategy doc 16/17




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Pupil Premium


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