Pupil Premium

And Literacy/Numeracy Catchup Funding

    What is Pupil Premium?

    The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 and is paid to schools via a grant based on the number of students that fit in to one of the three categories:
    • Students registered as eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) in any of the previous six years.
    • Children in Care (CIC)
    • Students whose parents have served in the armed forces in any of the previous five years.

    The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2) prior to September 2016 and is now funded to match previous years. 

    (Please note – any Pupil Premium funding is lagged by a year i.e. 2017/2018 funding is based on students at the school as at January School Census 2016/2017).

    The pupil premium and catch-up premium is in addition to main school funding and allows us to provide the support structures and academic strategies for those students where intervention will help them to achieve success in line with both school and national expectations.


    The school’s objectives are:

    • to use the funding to narrow and close the gap between the achievement of these students and their peers.
    • to encourage social mobility.
    • to use the additional funding, as far as its powers allow, to address any underlying inequalities between students eligible for pupil premium and others.


    How much is the funding?

    For secondary schools the pupil premium is £935 per child eligible on Free School Meals (Ever 6), £2300 for CIC, £300 for children with a parent in the forces (Ever 4) and £500 for each student in year 7 who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or maths at the end of KS2 (or from 2016 based on the amount provided in past years to the school).

    Highcliffe has a below national average percentage of students who are eligible for Free School Meals. The additional funding has enabled us to build on the excellent student welfare, support, academic guidance and teaching that all of our students enjoy and target more intensive support to those students in the above groups to increase levels of progress, attainment and aspirations.

    In the financial year 2016/2017 Highcliffe School received £194,021 in Pupil Premium funding and £15,653 in Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch Up funding.


    Strategy and Action Plan Documents

    For further information about our approach and work around Pupil Premium please see:

    Strategy Document 2016/2017 (PDF)

    Action Plan 2016/2017 (PDF)

    Strategy Document Review July 2017 (PDF)



    To help focus how the pupil premium funds are spent the school marks all expenditure against one of the following three strands. Whilst there will be crossover in actions contributing to narrowing the gap in each of the strands the expenditure will be listed under the action that we expect it will have biggest impact upon.
    • Strand 1 – Achievement: improving attainment and progress.
    • Strand 2 – welfare: improving attendance and behavior.
    • Strand 3 – Enrichment: improving access.

     Activity   Strand    Cost (£)     Target group  
     Oversight of provision and student tracking  Strand 1 - Achievement  18190.5  Whole School
     Pastoral Leads  Strand 2 - Welfare  28996.5  Yrs 7 -11
     Behaviour Support and ELSA  Strand 2 - Welfare  19392.75  Yrs 7 - 11
     SENDCo (proportion)  Strand 1 - Achievement  14360  Whole School
     Attendance Officer  Strand 1 - Achievement  14856.6  Yrs 7 - 11
     External Advice - Achievement for All Subscription  Strands 1-3  5950  Yrs 7 - 11
     Library Literacy Support  Strand 1 - Achievement  4265  Yrs 7 - 8
     Teaching Assistant Provision  Strand 1 - Achievement  71712.8  Yrs 7 - 11
     Home Study Support Costs  Strand 1 - Achievement  6500  Yrs 7 - 9
     Dual Registration Fees and Recoupment  Strand 1 - Achievement  2090.88  Yrs 7 - 9
     Jubilee Centre and Level 1 Pathway  Strand 1 - Achievement  10808  Yrs 7 – 11
     Various Academic Trips  Strand 3 - Enrichment  1369.03  Yrs 7 – 11
     Books, Equipment, Catering Supplies  Strand 1 - Achievement  2724.67  Yrs 7 – 11
     Hardship Fund - Dept 34HSP  Strand 2 - Welfare  739.96  All FSM
     School uniform grant - Dept 34UNI  Strand 2 - Welfare  1818.36  All FSM
     The Brilliant Club  Strand 3 - Enrichment  1920  Year 7

    Pupil Premium Student Outcomes

    Highcliffe school undertakes a review across a large number of performance indicators including (but not limited to) examination results, attendance statistics, progression information, parental questionnaires and student voice.

    The performance of Pupil Premium students in 2014 and 2015 was broadly in line with national gaps. EEF Family of Schools and RAISE Online reports for these two years show very few statistically significant entries.  Attainment 8 for our Pupil Premium cohort in 2016 was 40 with the national Attainment 8 being 40.1 indicating students attained in line with peers nationally.

    However, the school accepts there was a marked increase in the gap between Disadvantaged and non-Disadvantaged students in terms of Attainment 8 and therefore with Progress 8 (-0.44 P8 for PP against national -0.38) in the 2017 results. It should be noted that the Progress 8 score of KS2 Low Ability students in 2016 was +0.13.  One student within the Pupil Premium cohort was a student educated off site who achieved a very low progress 8 score.  If this student in removed as an outlier the disadvantaged cohort P8 score is significantly improved from -0.64 to -0.49.

    The school accepts that the Progress of Pupil Premium students’ needs to improve and is pleased with the tracking information for the students in the current Year 11 which show the gap closing considerably.

    Archived Pupil Premium Information


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Pupil Premium


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