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    What is Pupil Premium?


    The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 and is paid to schools via a grant based on the number of students that fit in to one of the three categories:

    • Students registered as eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) in any of the previous six years.
    • Children in Care (CIC)
    • Students whose parents have served in the armed forces in any of the previous five years.

    The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2) prior to September 2016 and is now funded to match previous years.



    (Please note – any Pupil Premium funding is lagged by a year i.e. 2016/2017 funding is based on students at the school as at January School Census 2015/2016).


    The pupil premium and catch-up premium is in addition to main school funding and allows us to provide the support structures and academic strategies for those students where intervention will help them to achieve success in line with both school and national expectations.

    The school’s objectives are:

  • to use the funding to narrow and close the gap between the achievement of these students and their peers.
  • to encourage social mobility.
  • to use the additional funding, as far as its powers allow, to address any underlying inequalities between students eligible for pupil premium and others.



    How much is the funding?


    For secondary schools the pupil premium is £935 per child eligible on Free School Meals (Ever 6), £1900 for CIC, £300 for children with a parent in the forces (Ever 4) and £500 for each student in year 7 who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or maths at the end of KS2 (or from 2016 based on the amount provided in past years to the school).

    Highcliffe has an below national average percentage of students who are eligible for Free School Meals. The additional funding has enabled us to build on the excellent student welfare, support, academic guidance and teaching that all of our students enjoy and target more intensive support to those students in the above groups to increase levels of progress, attainment and aspirations.

    In the financial year 2015/2016 Highcliffe School received £181,983 in Pupil Premium funding and £17,000 in Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch Up funding.  In 2014/2015 the school received £185,369.


    Strategy and Action Plan Documents 2016/2017

    For further information about our approach and work around Pupil Premium over the coming year (and in to 2017/2018) please see:

    Strategy Document (PDF)
    Action Plan (PDF)

    Expenditure, intended actions and outcomes (2014/2015 and 2015/2016) 

    To help focus how the pupil premium funds are spent the school marks all expenditure against one of the following three strands. Whilst there will be crossover in actions contributing to narrowing the gap in each of the strands the expenditure will be listed under the action that we expect it will have biggest impact upon.

  • Strand 1 – Achievement: improving attainment and progress.
  • Strand 2 – welfare: improving attendance and behaviour.
  • Strand 3 – Enrichment: improving access.

    2015-2016 – Actual expenditure



    Cost (£)

    Target group

    Oversight of provision and student tracking

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Whole School

    Pastoral Leads

    Strand 2 - Welfare


    Yrs7 -11

    Behaviour Support (ELSA)

    Strand 2 - Welfare


    Yrs 7 - 11

    SENDco Pupil Premium Focus

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Yrs 7 - 12

    Attendance Officer Pupil Premium Focus

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Yrs 7 - 11

    Specialist Numeracy & Literacy timetabled lesson

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Yr 7-11

    Literacy Support Software

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Years 7 & 8 in Particular

    Teaching Assistant Provision - PP Focus

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Years 7 to 11

    Homestudy Support Costs

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Yrs 7 to 9

    Catch up Literacy and Numeracy Intervention

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Year 7 and 8

    Locker Subsidy

    Strand 2 - Welfare


    All years

    Specialist Jubilee Centre inc Level 1 Pathway/1-2-1

    Strand 1 - Welfare


    All years

    Trips and Academic Visits

    Strand 3 - Enrichment


    All years

    Books, Equipment, Catering Supplies

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    FSM & CIC Yr 10

    Hardship Fund

    Strand 2 - Welfare


    All FSM

    School Uniform

    Strand 2 - Welfare


    All FSM

    The Brilliant Club Subscription (University)

    Strand 3 - Enrichment


    Year 7

    Work Experience Placements and Work Placement

    Strand 1 - Achievement


    Years 9 to 11

    2014-2015 – Actual expenditure  

  • Activity Strand Cost (£) Target group
    External Pupil Premium Review
    Achievement for All
    Strand 1 – Achievement 2,000 Yrs 7-11
    Oversight of provision and student tracking Strand 1 – Achievement 12,600 Whole School
    Upper and Lower School Student Support Staff Strand 2 – Welfare 19,477 Years 7 to 11
    Behaviour Support Strand 2 – Welfare 23,570 Years 7 to 11
    SENDCO Pupil Premium Focus Strand 1 – Achievement 9,229 Whole School
    Attendance Officer - PP Focus Strand 2 – Welfare 13,500 Years 7 to 11
    Specialist Numeracy & Literacy Classes Strand 1 – Achievement 19,110 Years 7 to 11
    Literacy Support Software Strand 1 – Achievement 3,600 Years 7 and 8
    Achievement Mentor Year 8
    Pupil Premium Focus
    Strand 1 – Achievement 5,720 Key Stage 3
    Year 8
    Teaching Assistant Provision Strand 1 – Achievement 36,300 Years 7 to 11
    Homestudy Support Costs
    (MyHelp homework)
    Strand 1 – Achievement 1,500 Years 7 to 11
    One to One Tuition - Maths & English Strand 1 – Achievement 8,264 Years 10 to 11
    Maths Software Strand 1 – (Online Support) Achievement 430 Yrs 7,8,9 & all ability 10 & 11
    Work Related Learning Strand 1 – Achievement 14,500 Years 10 to 11
    Set up Jubilee suite – inclusion Strand 1 – Achievement 7,734 All years
    Trips and Extra Curricular Strand 3 – Enrichment 4,990 Various Pupil Premium 7 to 11
    Work Experience Placements Strand 3 – Enrichment 330 FSM & CIC Yr 10
    Hardship Fund Strand 2 – Welfare 290 All FSM
    School uniform grant Strand 2 – Welfare 2,126 All FSM
    Healthy Eating resources Strand 2 – Welfare 100 Year 7
    Total Expenditure 185,370


    Pupil Premium Student Outcomes


    Highcliffe school undertakes a review across a large number of performance indicators including (but not limited to) examination results, attendance statistics, progression information, parental questionnaires and student voice.

    2015/2016 Outcomes (Revised Performance Measures)

    2015/2016 has seen the introduction of new school performance measure named Attainment 8 and Progress 8.  More information about these are available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/progress-8-school-performance-measure

    The schools outcomes for the 2015/2016 Year 11 Pupil Premium cohort are below:

  • Cohort

    Attainment 8

    Progress 8

    Pupil Premium



    National Pupil Premium



    School Non-Pupil Premium




    Attainment 8

    The Attainment 8 score of our Pupil Premium cohort was in line with the national Attainment 8 figure showing the students achieved as similar students nationally.  However, the internal school gap between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium is large and a key area the school is working on across all year groups and has been over the last 12 months in lower year groups.

    Progress 8

    The schools overall Progress 8 figure was below the expected level at -0.08 (0.00 being expected).  The table above shows that the Pupil Premium cohort’s Progress 8 figure was below that of the national Pupil Premium figure at -0.43 compared to -0.38.  This also then shows the in-school gap between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium students.  It is clear to the school that the progress made by this cohort is a whole school priority and therefore has been part of the schools development plan over the past 18 months and the school is confident from internal tracking information that these strategies are having a substantial impact.


    The most recent Depart for Education report regarding destinations of students again shows a pleasing trend of improvement regarding the progression to suitable education or training for our Pupil Premium cohort.  Of the 2013/2014 pupil premium cohort 90% were in sustained education or training in 2015.  This is above the national average of 87% and again builds on our 2012/2013 figure of 87% (national average of 85%). 

  • 2013/2014 & 2014/2015 Outcomes (Legacy Performance Measures)

  • Reducing the Attainment gap between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium students in the performance indicators below:


    Measure Pupil Premium
    Non-Pupil Premium
    in-school gap
    Reduction of
    in-school gap in
    5 x A* to C including En and Ma 52% (+16% from national) 68% 21% +5%
    English Baccalaureate 19% (+8% from national) 26% 31% +24%
    Capped Average Point Score 309 342 45.7 +12.9


  • 87% of Pupil Premium students moved to sustained education/training against a national percentage of 85% (+2%).
  • Improving the attendance of students at school.



    Measure 2013/2014 2014/2015 Improvement
    Overall Absence 6.1% 5.53% +0.57%
    Persistent Absence (15%+) 7.9% 5.4% +2.5%


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Pupil Premium (ARCHIVE)


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