Academy Trust

Current Academy Trust Directors

    There will be an Annual General Meeting on the 12th September at 5pm. Anyone wishing to attend please contact the School Office.


    Title Firstname Surname Date Appointed Term Ends Role
    Mrs Debbi Chaffey 13/07/2015 04/07/2019 (Stood Down) Member/Parent Director
    Miss Kirstie Dobson 07/03/2019  06/03/2021 Support Staff Director
    Mr Patrick Earnshaw 01/09/2014 No End Date Member/Chief Executive Officer
    Ms Sue Evans 30/03/2017 29/03/2021 Co-opted Director
    Mr Matthew Fretten 23/05/2019 22/05/2023 Co-opted Director
    Mr Nick Geary 09/06/2015 04/07/2021 Director
    Mr Paul Hilliard 17/10/2016 16/10/2020 Member/Parent Director
    Ms Sarah Hogg 23/05/2019 22/05/2023 Co-opted Director
    Mr Simon Jones 13/09/2018 12/09/2020 Staff Director
    Capt. John Lofts 09/06/2015 07/06/2022 Member
    Mr Steven Midgley 26/01/2019 25/01/2022 Member
    Mr Gary Moore 09/06/2011 12/09/2019 Chair of Governors/Member/Director
    Mr Trevor Sampson 11/04/2016 10/04/2020 Co-opted Director
    Mr Matthew Sedgley 13/09/2018 12/09/2020 Staff Director
    Mr Neil Sykes 23/05/2019 22/05/2023 Co-opted Director
    Mr Simon Welch 17/10/2016 16/10/2020 Parent Director


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    School leaders and governors share a commitment to ambitious rates of academic progress and all round personal development for every student. - Ofsted





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Academy Trust


Main School Open Evening 2019

Thursday 26th September 2019 5:30pm - 8pm

Sixth Form Open Evening 2019

Thursday 10th October 2019 5:30pm - 8pm

Year 11 Parent Briefing 2019

Download the presentation

A Level Results 2019

This year's excellent examination results maintain Highcliffe's position as a leading provider of Sixth Form education in the Christchurch, New Forest and Bournemouth areas.

Results, Advice Surgeries and Start Up Dates 2019

Key Dates for Results, Advice Surgeries and the Start of Term

Examinations - Post Results Services 2019

If you have concerns about your exam results please see here. PLEASE NOTE DEADLINES APPLY

Year 8 and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Zadie had the opportunity to take part in the SoundStorm event ‘Transmission’. Here she tells about her experience:

Highcliffe Fellowship Award

After reviewing all of our student work, we have awarded our Highcliffe Fellowship Award

Summer Concert 2019

Our annual Summer Concert is always a fantastic way to review and celebrate the achievements and successes of our musicians and performers for the academic year.