Visit to BU Health Science Department 2018

Year 11 and 12 Health and Social Care students attended a series of workshops organised by the UK Student Recruitment & Outreach Programme at Bournemouth University.

    Year 11 and 12 Health and Social Care students attended a series of workshops organised by the UK Student Recruitment & Outreach Programme at Bournemouth University. The day was designed to give the students an insight into the variety of different careers that are available within Health and Social Care.

    The day had a combination of both theory and practical tasks allowing students to see the range of professions and the different ways these careers support the community. Outlined below are selection of activities the students were involved in during the day.

    • The students had to imagine that they had had a stroke and were paralysed on one side – the activity involved was putting on a sock with a device that guided the sock over the foot – this was complicated in the beginning and highlighted the difficulties that patients that may encounter when trying to dress themselves.

    • The student buttered bread with their arm held behind their backs without support and then using a specially adapted knife and board. The activity highlighted how simple adaptations can enhance a person’s independence in their own home.

    • The students then had an opportunity to try taking each other blood pressures, this was a difficult process and although many could not find the each other’s blood pressure I assured the students they were not dead!

    After a fantastic lunch, we were shown different clinical areas such as a room that was set out as an operating theatre with all the machinery and appropriate equipment. Followed by a ward with hospital beds and patients with drips and drains that look very life like.  Accompanying us on our visit were two physiotherapy students who gave us an overview of their training and what subjects they took to allow them to follow this career route. What was interesting is both students had not reached the academic requirements when they first left sixth form so had taken different courses and applied several times until they had been accepted at the university. They both emphasised that if you are passionate about what career path you wish to take you need to have perseverance and resilience to achieve your goals. The students concluded by saying they were thoroughly enjoying their courses and it definitely was the best decision they had made.

    This was an exceptional day for the students and we would like to thank Steph White and her team at Bournemouth University for all their hard work and enthusiasm, it was greatly appreciated and an excellent learning opportunity.



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Visit to BU Health Science Department 2018


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