Meet the Scientist

STEM work brings Highcliffe and Southampton University together for yet another excellent experience.

    All the Year 12 and Year 13 Biology students took part in a presentation and discussion on the topic of

    ‘Next generation sequencing in the recognition and treatment of cancer and rare diseases’.

    The topic fitted in perfectly with the Year 12 current studies on Communicable Diseases as well as Year 13s work on Manipulating Genomes. It was great to learn about the second and third generation of gene sequencing techniques and how cancer and other diseases will soon be identified and treated.

    It is quite amazing that you can now use your smartphone to analysis DNA in just a few seconds. Questions ranged from ethical debates about who owns or has access to your genetic make up to cost of these new technologies (which is getting incredibly cheap with new technology!) and how can gene sequencing be used in the creation of artificial organs to save on organ or tissue rejection.



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Meet the Scientist


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Meet the Scientist

STEM work brings Highcliffe and Southampton University together for yet another excellent experience.

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