English Chess Federation Regional Finals

Highcliffe School hosts EFC Regional Final with Wellington College, Berkshire

    On Monday 29th January, Highcliffe School hosted an afternoon of chess for Wellington College, Berkshire. This was the decider for the Regional Finals of the ECF under 19 Chess Championship. Our team made it through to the ECF Regional Finals after beating a very strong Winchester team. The ECF is the English Chess Federation who grade all players taking part to rank them in order of ability.


    Unfortunately, we were defeated by Wellington College who have a very strong cohort of players that are graded considerably higher than ours are, the end score was 4-2.


    However, James, one of our Year 12s who is graded around 170 drew his board 1 game against an opponent graded 195. Thomas, a Year 13,defeated his opponent who was also of a much higher grade and Adam, another Year 13 graded around 130, drew with a player of grade 151.




    This gave the excellent score of 2-1 on the top 3 boards.


    Killian, a Year 12 student, made an aggressive start but was eventually beaten back on board 4. Annelie and Micky on boards 5 and 6, both current under 14 Dorset champions, fought well but were beaten by older, stronger opposition.


    All six players will receive Head Teacher Awards. This year the level of competition at chess club has benefited from a surge of interest from year 11 players. If you are interested in coming along, please contact Mr Lose.


    You can see a write up from Dorset Chess about the matches here: http://highcliffe.school/l/EQvmB


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English Chess Federation Regional Finals


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English Chess Federation Regional Finals

Highcliffe School hosts EFC Regional Final with Wellington College, Berkshire

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