Tarka wins for Highcliffe School!

Christchurch Food Festival Cookery Challenge Competition 2017

    “I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take part in the Christchurch Food Festival Cookery Challenge Competition 2017; generously sponsored by the Christchurch Rotary Club, and organised by the Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust this year. The competition involved designing a two course healthy meal for two people, a main course and dessert of restaurant standard and following guidelines: the meal in its entirety should not exceed a cost of £8 and should not take longer than 1 hour and a half including prep time. It was an exciting experience to be involved in and I think that my cooking, organisation and planning skills have improved massively throughout the process.


    There were two parts to the competition before being chosen to cook at the Chewton Glen against other schools in the Dorset area. Initially, we practiced in class to produce a refined two course meal of restaurant standard. Then, out of the two year 10 catering classes at Highcliffe, eight of my fellow students and I were chosen to cook off against each other and present our dishes to a number of external judges- we even had the privilege of our food being evaluated by Lesley Waters and her personal congratulations and advice! During these stages I received some very beneficial advice, such as how to adjust the presentation of my main course to have it appear more modern.


    After receiving first place in the first stage, my fellow classmate and runner-up, Callum Copping and I had the thrilling invitation to cook at the Chewton Glen to have our dishes judged further by a different selection of judges, including Head Chef at the Chewton Glen, the President of the Christchurch Rotary Club and the President of the Christchurch Food and Wine Festival. This stage of the competition took part in the newly set-up Chewton Glen Cookery School facility- which was very fancy! I prepared a main course of Sea Bass, roasted ratatouille, sweet potato mash and a pea and basil puree; and a dessert of raspberry soufflé and tulle, which won the competition. I enjoyed this stage of the series the most because it was a privilege to cook with all the new, modern equipment that the Cookery School is equipped with and to top it all off I received a judicious selection of prizes for my achievements. The prices included a day at the Chewton Glen cookery school- that I am excitedly looking forward too, a voucher to the Three Tons and an advanced smoothie-blending gadget, along with some supplementary Kitchen jams and infused oils to use in my own cooking.


    I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. I would like to thank my class teachers, the Christchurch Food Festival and the Christchurch Rotary Club for sponsoring the competition. It was a brilliant to be involved in the competition”.


    Tarka, Year 10 student



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Tarka wins for Highcliffe School!


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