The story of Sadako Sasaki

Year 5 students from our feeder schools experience Japanese culture and study with our friends from Hiroshima.

    On Tuesday 21st March, a group of Year 5 G&T students were invited, with their parents, to spend an evening reflecting on the legacy of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945, co-hosted by our Japanese exchange students and accompanying teachers. Traditional Japanese snacks and green tea were available to try and provide a broader cultural experience.

    The students were read the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl living in Hiroshima, who contracted leukaemia as a result of exposure to nuclear radiation from the atomic bomb, and how she had been inspired to make 1000 paper cranes in the hope that it would make her better. She failed to complete all 1000 cranes before she died, but her friends made remaining ones in her honour. They also heard how she is remembered in the Peace Garden in Hiroshima, where there is a statue in her honour and where thousands of paper cranes are sent from all over the world and hung in glass cabinets.

    The first task of the evening for the Year 5 students (and parents) was to make some paper cranes using the special origami paper. The essential instructions were patiently provided by the Japanese exchange students, which resulted in everyone successfully making at least one paper crane.

    The next part of the evening was a reflection on the meaning of peace, as the main legacy of the bombing of Hiroshima. Students were invited to think about what peace meant to them and write their reflections on a scroll. This led to some very deep and moving statements from the Year 5 students, presenting their hopes and ideas for a better world.

    The Japanese students then entertained us with a very polished performance of their Sea Shanti which is a traditional Japanese dance that all students learn at school. Once recovered, they sat down for a question and answer session with the Year 5 group, and Mr Wood finished the evening with a slide show and talk about Hiroshima and Johoku School, providing a detailed insight into life in Japan.

    There was a really positive atmosphere in the hall, and the feedback received was proof that it had been a very successful evening.



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The story of Sadako Sasaki


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