Mixing business with pleasure at Disneyland

Sixth Form Computing and Business Studies students attend an educational conference in Disneyland, Paris.

    Sunday 26th February

    We arrived safe and sound after a long, 11 hour journey. Leaving Highcliffe School at 9:30am, we arrived at our hotel by 7:30pm, checked in and then set off to see Disney Village to check out our surroundings! The park was not open so we had some food and got ready for tomorrow.


    Monday 27th February

    Straight after breakfast, our Business students went for their Business Live conference at 9am. There were talks from the Chief Financial Officer from Superdry, an Account Manager from Walt Disney Company and the Head of Brand from Innocent Smoothies. This was particularly interesting to hear how ICT and social media has driven demand for their products creating a customer community which fosters brand loyalty. Unfortunately the rest of today was a washout!! It's rained hard all day and that has limited the fun the students have been able to have as most of the rides are shut.

    On Monday night we went to watch the Disney Dreams fireworks display in the park. It was nice watching it without any rain!! I'll send the photos through separately.

    We hope for better weather and luck tomorrow!

    Monday 27th February


    Today started with a bang! Students were actually up at 7am for breakfast!! It was all about the park today. All 8 of the Year 13 boys were in the park at 8:30am ready to take on the major rides; The Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Thunder Mountain and the Rocking Rollercoaster, which goes loop the loop to the soundtrack of the great rock band, Aerosmith!! Rhiannon Walls managed to conquer her fears of rollercoaster as the Year 12 girls managed to drag her into Thunder Mountain. Surprise, surprise she loved it!! All of the major rides were gone on multiple times. The teachers took a more laid back approach, preferring to walk round the park and taking in the more serene rides. The day ended with dinner at Annette's diner, with burgers, milkshakes and a King Elvis banana split. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable but exhausting day. Looking forward to bed time and then to start the long journey home tomorrow.





    Wednesday 1st March


    The picture above was taken this morning before we left on our journey home. There were some very bleary and tired eyes this morning after a hectic day yesterday!! Most students did not make breakfast this morning but they managed to drag themselves out of bed, clean their rooms and get ready for the long journey home. 11 hours, 3 films, 2 stops and 1 massive McDonalds later, we all arrived safely back at Highcliffe. Many thanks to Dave the driver for taking us there and back safe and sound, to all the students who were brilliant throughout and behaved impeccably, and to Miss Burden and Miss Reid for organising a fantastic trip.


    Mr Tyler



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Mixing business with pleasure at Disneyland


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