1. Calendar

    Y6 Parent Tours week
    20/10/2014 - 5 days
    Y11 Sixth Form Breakfast seminar week
    20/10/2014 - 5 days
    A2 Chemistry CA
    20/10/2014 - 5 days
    Y9 Humanities trip, Christchurch Priory
    Japanese Exchange returns
    A2 Chemistry CA
    03/11/2014 - 47 days
    Y10 Home Study Focus week
    03/11/2014 - 5 days
    DofE Silver launch
    Y11(Y) English WTM P1-3
    03/11/2014 09:00:00 - 3 hours
    Y11(X) English WTM P1-3
    04/11/2014 09:00:00 - 3 hours
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    CalendarView a copy of the school's community calendar
    Key DatesOn a yearly basis the Key Dates document is published
    School DayView the times of the school day
    LettersView letters which have been sent to year groups or the whole school
    H2U Newsletter'Highcliffe to You' is the school's newsletter packed with news and events. (Previous Issues)
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    Home Study CodeThis link should be used if you have received a Home Study Code via a Text message
    Upper SchoolGuidance and Information focused towards Upper School (Years 10 and 11)
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    Eco Council WebsiteView the school's Eco Mini Site.
    Da Vinci ADT SiteView the school's Da Vinci ADT Mini Site..
    Upper SchoolGuidance and Information focused towards Upper School (Years 10 and 11)

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